Just how much can be achieved through a mobile device?

I think if you’re looking at a PC, why would you buy a PC anymore? No really, why would you buy one? Yes, the iPad Pro is a replacement for a notebook or a desktop for many, many people. They will start using it and conclude they no longer need to use anything else, other than their phones. ~ Tim Cook – Apple CEO

That’s a big claim made by Apple CEO Tim Cook. Can you really get rid of your laptop and use your mobile device instead?

Well, that will depend largely on 2 things:

  1. Your mobile device of choice; and
  2. (Most importantly) what you currently use your laptop for.

If you only really use your laptop for checking emails, updating your Facebook status, and occasionally browse the internet, then yes, absolutely. In fact, the odds are that you already do.

If you use your laptop to write letters, create spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, online banking, then yes, a mobile device can replace your laptop.

In fact, for most people, for most purposes, you no longer need a laptop or dedicated computer. Unless you are using your laptop for purposes that require much more processing power (things like gaming or editing HD video files, encoding videos), then a mobile device can probably replace your laptop.

For the majority of tasks that I do, my tablet or my phone are my go to devices. Sure, I still have my laptop, but I use that less than once a week on average.

In fact, as a test to see just what can be done, this whole blog has been created, set up, and edited, using only my iPad. I am using an iPad Pro 9.7 running iOS 11 and everything that I do on this blog will be done using that – with exceptions for things like screenshots and recordings from other devices, such as my Android phone. But any editing, uploading etc will all be done on my iPad.

What things do I do with my iPad?

Ok, so as I said above, depending on what device you are using and what tasks you are wanting to carry out will decide if a mobile device can replace your laptop or computer. To be honest, for a lot of things, pretty much any smart phone or tablet device will be more than sufficient.

My two main devices that I use are my iPad Pro 9.7 and my Samsung Galaxy S8. For my daily tasks, I can use either of these devices to the same effect. If I am going to be doing something that will take me a little longer (such as writing these posts), or something that may require a larger screen (creating spreadsheets), then I prefer to use my iPad. But that is personal preference and I could just as easily use my S8 to the same result.

I will do the following at least once (sometimes several times) on a daily basis:

  • Check my email
  • Send email
  • Manage my calendar and to-do lists
  • Check and update Facebook
  • Use spreadsheets
  • Create invoices
  • Create or edit Word documents
  • Read pdf documents that have been emailed to me
  • Read the news
  • Use online banking
  • Watch videos on YouTube
  • Update this blog
  • Listen to audio books
  • Listen to music
  • Check the weather
  • Look at my FitBit statistics
  • Manage my cloud storage

In addition to the above, I will also do the following at least once a week:

  • Watch Netflix
  • Watch Amazon Prime Video
  • Set my TiVo to record a program when I’m not at home
  • Post to Instagram
  • Online shopping with Amazon and/or eBay
  • Read Kindle books
  • Use my phone or iPad to control my FireStick (lost the remote to that a long time ago)
  • Make and receive Skype and/or WebEx calls

Why do I do this?

I’ve heard a number of people expressing the sentiment that work should only be done at work. They don’t like the idea of always being online and reachable. If they are not in the office, then they don’t want to be thinking about work.

That’s fine. People work in different ways. But for me, the ability to work with mobile devices actually gives me more control over when and where I do my work. If there is a reason that I don’t want to be contacted regarding work, it is simple for me to do. I can switch on auto reply for my email account, I can stop my phone from accepting phone calls from certain numbers, or unknown numbers, or numbers that begin with a certain prefix (many companies have phone numbers that start with the same first two digits and then have a four digit extension number that follows).

If I need to be at home for some reason (maybe I need to sign for a delivery, or I need a plumber to come and repair my boiler), I can work from home as easily as I can from the office.

By working in this way (it is usually called “agile working”), I have complete control over when, where, and how I work. Also, work for me is not just confined to my 9-5 day job. By using mobile devices, I’m able to switch between different projects that I’m working on without needing different equipment, or going to another location etc.

More detailed articles about all of the above will be coming up in the future, but if you would like to know more about anything that I have mentioned above, please feel free to email me tech-tutorials@protonmail.com

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